7eternity is a reflection token which rewards its holders in $busd, 7eternity is created with a secure custom coded contract with the best tokenomics in the industry.
Buying 7ETERNITY is a consistent, profitable, and handsomely rewarding cryptocurrency, as consistency is the only foundation of trust.


Our liquidity shall be locked for 690 days in Pancake Swap and after unlocking it will be transferred automatically to our own 7ETERNITY SWAP. Being a well-thought project, the buying-selling tax will never be changed.


In contrast to the majority of cryptocurrencies available in the market, we are working on setting up a suitable physical location in Toronto, Canada. This office shall serve as a walk-in institute for investors’ education and guidance. Expansion of physical offices on 7 continents is long term project already in the pipeline.


AUDITS will be done regularly for the safety of this project.
Our developers have years of experience and a proven track record.


Our diligent and efficient team will ensure operational transparency and proficiency and most importantly the safety and security of all the investors’ money and rewards they accumulate over time. The team believes in the motto that





For enhancing the investors’ trust factor, our team’s profile shall always be public and no hidden faces will ever be pulling any strings. All the team members are always available to address the investor’s concerns.


Our social media presence will always be seen on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Podcast. However, to avoid confusions, rumors, and conspiracy theories our official Telegram channel and Live podcast will be our main source of two-way communication with our currency Holders



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

Phase 1

  • Token Launch

  • 1000 Holders

  • Merchandise store

  • CMC & CG Listing

  • Dashboard for rewards

Phase 2

  • 10000 holders

  • Wallet Logo

  • Audit (CERTIK)

  • 7eternity Podcast

  • Exchange Listings

  • Hire More Team Members

  • First Donation

Phase 3

  • 50K Holders

  • 7eternity NFT Marketplace

  • 7eternity Head Office

  • Social Influence

  • 7eternity SWAP

  • 2nd Donation Cheque

Phase 4

  • 100K Plus Holders

  • Billboards

  • Planting Trees

  • Donation

  • 7eternity Holder Giveaways

  • 7eternity App Exclusive For Holders

Phase 5

  • 7eternity Exchange

  • 7eternity Games

  • 7eternity Apps

  • 7eternity Technologies

  • News Channel Ads

  • Physical Branches

  • Stay tuned for more to come in phase 6

7eternity Team

Scroll down to see the team that
will make it all happen.


  • Nido Kahn

    Nido Kahn

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Abdulakeem Asiru

    Abdulakeem Asiru

    Chief Developer

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